Multimedia home network for luxury villas and flats

A home network? What for?

Imagine a house without phone, internet or television. Unthinkable... but only with a well designed home network will you get most out of your devices. You will be able to connect full powered multimedia and quality internet service to every room of the house.

A home network enables the intercommunication between all your electronic devices. Store pictures and movies on a computer's hard drive, watch them on the television or a tablet. Put your music collection on a network hard disk and listen to your albums in any room of the house. Working with the laptop in the lounge, send the document to the printer in your home office.
The Abitana home network brings reliability, comfort and flexibility.

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By a smart mix of wired and wireless networking. The wireless network brings mobility. You can use laptop, tablet or smartphone on the Wi-Fi anywhere in the house. The wired network adds the foundations, it is super-fast and trouble-free and it complements the wireless network with the extra punch when and where you need it.

Today, if you are building or renovating, think of tomorrow's comforts. Choose for a home network that anticipates the future: Abitana!

What does a Smart Media home network look like?

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Each room in the house is fitted with a number of universal OmniMedia wall outlets. Each wall outlet is connected to the central Comms Cabinet, the result is a star-shaped, wired network infrastructure.
All rooms can be interconnected and your multimedia devices can communicate with each other in a matter of minutes.
Internet, phone, television, music: the home network sends the right signals to the selected wall outlet of each room

You manage the Central Comms cabinet yourself, and decide which signal goes where. This is how the Smart Media network brings reliability, comfort, and flexibility.

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What will you get from a home network?

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Switch to another provider without a second thought

Watch TV, phone, surf the internet from anywhere in the house. Every room has access to all the multimedia services. If you wish to change to a new service provider anytime, it is straight forward and will not need any change to the home network setup. You may have been a fan of ADSL for years but consider switching to Cable for broadband or go for satellite TV reception. Every type of provider can be connected to the Abitana home network.
Be ready for "Fibre to the Home"... it's the next big thing!

Is there a new multimedia service on offer? You can easily connect that to the network. No need to drill holes, to redecorate, no messy extension cords because your Smart Media network is future-proof, just plug in the new device and use it.

The guarantee of a reliable Wi-Fi network

Off course you don't have to wait to reap the benefits. Connect all your fixed equipment to the wired network thereby taking the load off your Wi-Fi network.

Share your home office printer

The kids are doing homework in their room and use the internet for doing some research (you hope). When they are finished, they send the files to the printer in your home office, where you are doing some bank transactions online. You intercept their tasks and point out some typos. Just in time.

Watch holiday pictures on TV, tablet or computer

Later friends may drop by. They are eager to hear about your holiday adventures. The perfect excuse to show your pictures and movie-shots on the flatscreen in the lounge. While the children retreat to their bedrooms and have fun trying out an internet game with friends on the other side of the world.

Take a bath and listen to your favourite music

After that cheerful evening you fancy a nice warm bath, and to fully relax, you choose one of your favourite albums to listen to. Your whole collection is stored on the network and you can play it anywhere in the house. You dim the lights, choose the playlist and set the volume by the home automation system. The Abitana Smart Media network takes care of the interconnections.

Work like a pro, whether at home or in the office

The next morning you work from home. At the breakfast table, you check your e-mails on the laptop or smartphone. Then you go to your home office for the serious work. Your printer and desktop workstation are connected to the wired network, and communicate with the corporate server over a secured VPN internet access. Don't worry about the internet dropping out. You have a backup copy of the documents you are drafting on the network disk.

Your interior wins too

Are you proud of your modern design interior? You'll hate the mess that patch cords, power leads and a bunch of remote controls make of it. The Abitana home network does away with them, because the cables are hidden in the wall and the set-top box, dvd player and game console are relegated to the technical closet. Out of sight is out of mind. A single universal remote control will keep you in power from your lazy chair.

The internet of things

What do you think of a printer that gives early warning of empty ink cartridge and immediately goes on the internet looking for the cheapest supplier? Absurd? That's what we thought not so long ago about internet phones too. Technology changes fast. You've heard about a new development? So did we. We take pride in seeing to it that your Abitana home network has the future-proofing built-in.


Why bother to wire up the house? Isn't everything going wireless?

Why choose to install a wired network when laptop, tablet, smartphone are all equipped with wireless?

Because wireless has its limitations: interference from mobile phones, thick walls, the neighbour's Wi-Fi, and worst of all, itself. The more devices you connect to the Wi-Fi network, the more risk for malfunctions and the slower it gets. Do you want a carefree high quality multimedia experience? Then a wired network is your only choice. Do you have a room with poor or no Wi-Fi coverage? Just add an extra Wi-Fi access point to the nearest wall outlet of the home network. This will extend the wireless coverage to the entire house. No more dead zones.

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