Why bother to wire up the house? Isn't everything going wireless?

That is what most manufacturers of consumers Electronics and some service providers would like you to believe. Our opinion is more nuanced: a good home network offers the best of both wireless and wired technology.
Now, why choose to install a wired network when laptop, tablet, smartphone are all equipped with wireless?

Because wireless has its limitations: interference from mobile phones, thick walls, the neighbour's Wi-Fi, and worst of all, itself. The more devices you connect to the Wi-Fi network, the more risk for malfunctions and the slower it gets.
Do you want a carefree high quality multimedia experience? Then a wired network is your only choice.
Do you have a room with poor or no Wi-Fi coverage? Just add an extra Wi-Fi access point to the nearest wall outlet of the home network. This will extend the wireless coverage to the entire house. No more dead zones.

Ultra-fast actually. With the wired network, each connected device gets a full 1000Mbps of speed. On the Wi-Fi, all devices have to share a maximum throughput of 200 Mbps. Abitana's fast Home network is the best guarantee to enjoy music, films and games without disruptions and at the highest resolutions and quality. No wireless network offers this level of performance.

Another reason to choose a wired network?
It offloads traffic from its Wi-Fi colleague. Connect fixed devices like desktop pc, printer, Smart TV's and decoders to the cabled network. Your mobile Wi-Fi devices will get more throughputs and you'll enjoy the increased surfing capacity.

Building or renovating?
Choose for lifelong comfort. Choose for the best price and quality. Choose a cabled network as the base of your home network. Cable technology offers a solid foundation, is reliable and super fast. Wireless technology brings mobility and is easy to install when a wired framework is in place.

We have listed the advantages and disadvantages of different available network technologies for you.

comparison networktechnologies

From this perspective we classify applications and make a recommendation for the connection of several devices. A first category of appliances will never be moved. Here we recommend a fixed wiring (touchscreens, built-in speakers, heating). The second category of devices is moved when a room is rearranged and furniture changes place. Connect the devices to a wall outlet of the home network with a connection cord and assign the required signal to that wall outlet in the patch cabinet (television, decoder, PC, printer, NAS). The last category are the mobile devices which are connected to the home network through wifi (tablet, smartphone, laptop) or via RF, bluetooth or infrared (remote control, headset).

That is what we would do...for at Abitana we live from and for the home network and we offer u solutions that we dreamed to have in our own house in the first place.

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