The sleek aluminium design of the Xcel pro+ DIN-rail enclosures combines quality and robustness with elegance.

With an unprecedented 31 DIN positions per rail for a width of 60 cm, these are the most efficient enclosures in the market. The plexiglass door with aluminium frame is reversible, the optional LED lighting adds an extra touch of styling to the cabinet.

Finding a well-suited network cabinet hasn’t always been easy. The standard DIN rail enclosures, originally designed for a residential electrical network, are often too small, unsuited for large electronic modules and cumbersome to use. Opting for a 19” rack is in many cases overkill or because of lack of space simply not an option .

That’s why Abitana went to the drawing board and designed the Xcel pro+ DIN rail cabinets, suited for all low-voltage switchgear.
A design based on our long experience in networking solutions and the wish list of our customers, installers and integrators.
An enclosure that complies with the International en European standard IEC/EN62208 (indoor use) and  designed to make low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies according tyo IEC/EN61439 (parts 1 &3.

HE3060S22 empty 600x416

Aluminium is known for its light weight, resistance to corrosion and durability. These are welcome features for an enclosure that often houses very expensive electronics in damp and cold basement environments.
Aluminium is also one of the best heat conductors around. For a given allowable temperature rise, our enclosures will dissipate double the wattage of a steel enclosure or three times that of a plastic enclosure. Another way to say that your electronics will run that much cooler and last that many more years in an Xcel pro+ enclosure.

The end-user who has spent a substantial amount on the latest multimedia server, multiroom music system, TV head-end, home automation or networking installation likes to show it with pride to his friends and visitors. With an Xcel pro+ enclosure, your system will never be outplayed by its looks.

And as an installer or integrator, what better way to prove your workmanship than to show it in an enclosure whose looks and material finish speak for themselves?

  stacked DIN rail enclosure

All models of the Xcel pro+ range are stackable.
Is one enclosure not large enough for your project, or do you implement an extension later on, just place a second enclosure on top or under the first one.

  cable passageways 200x160

You will not lose any of the features, because we have provided ample passageways for both the installation cables in the back panel and for patch cords in the door frame as well.
In this way, two stacked enclosures behave exactly as a larger one.

  installation drawings

Installing the enclosures is easy and fast, just a few steps, no special tools.
The featherweight of the aluminium back panel and door frame allow a single person to hand carry even the largest model to site and to mount it singlehandedly without extra help.

  HE3060SXX access back panel

The design of the back panel was done with special attention for a clutter free access, to facilitate the introduction of cables, the termination of the wiring and the mounting and testing of switchgear- and networking modules.

  HE3060SXX cablingdepth

When installing a home automation system, or a network cabling system, the number of cables that need connecting quickly goes up to high figures.
The Xcel pro+ enclosures provide extra room to run the cables by providing 5cm of cabling depth behind the rails across the entire width of the enclosure; this makes cable introduction and wire termination all the more easy.

  Montage Tussenplaten 200x160

Once a system enclosure is finished, it is very easy to gain access to the internals by removing either just the separator panels or the entire door frame.
In this way extra modules can be placed and tested, without having to remove patch cords and while the system stays up and running.

  HE3060 labelingArrows 200x160

An extensive labeling and numbering system is fitted by default, in order to deliver a self-explanatory panel, to speed up the documentation of the system and to simplify the maintenance and intervention afterwards.
This is achieved by the two strip slide-in label sections per DIN rail and the additional slide-in numbering strips for DIN-rail connectors. Each enclosure is delivered with a comprehensive sheet of adhesive icons depicting the major networking functions and room types.

  HE3060SXX mountingboard 200x200

Would you like to find a suitable place to integrate a NAS, a WiFi router, an XDSL- or Cable Modem, a Media server, we’ve thought of that too: we provide a number of DIN-rail baseplates and brackets to mount equipment directly onto the rails. Alternatively you can choose a 50cm wide x 34cm high mounting board and secure the equipment by self-tapping screws, tie-wraps, velcro, brackets,…

  HE3060S44 led 200x240

The optional LED lighting kit finds its way to the majority of fitted enclosures: not only does it give an outstanding aura to your finished project, it comes in handy when you have to do an intervention in a poorly lit room

31 din positiosn

On top of that, the Xcel pro+ enclosures offer 31 DIN positions per rail for a modest 60cm overall width. On average 20% more than competing models, effectively setting a new record in it’s class.
A huge advantage when installing large DIN rail modules, who are becoming more and more common in home automation networks.


Xcel pro+ DIN rail enclosures are available in several dimensions, from 2 to 6 DIN rails.


Consult abitanadirect , download the product catalogue, the Xcel pro+ brochure  or manual for the available models, accessories and product specifications.

You can’t find a model with the right dimensions for your project?
As our design is based on aluminium profiles, a cabinet tailored to fit in your installation or a special OEM-design is possible.
Please contact us for more information.