Former campus becomes modern servicecentre: Smart Media technology in assisted living accomodations.


An Abitana network was installed in the service-flats of Campus Den Brandt. This unique network concept offers a solution for the specific needs of nursing homes, service-flats and community housing and is based on Abitana's Smart Media technology.
Imtech took care of the installation. Philippe Jansen, projectleader at Imtech about the Abitana network on Campus Den Brandt:

"For the data-network in the assisted living accomodation the choice fell on the Smart Media Network from Abitana, a popular network solution for senior housing projects. Each flat is equipped with a number of RJ45- wall outlets, the universal connector for data-communication, and with a central cabinet. This patch cabinet contains the connections for the wall outlets and the central eletronic modules for television, telephone and internet connection."
"A patch cord makes the connection between the desired application module in the cabinet and the connector that corresponds with the wall outlet in the room. The function of a wall outlet can easily be changed, by patching the connector in the central cabinet to another electronic module. A very flexible system. That's why it is so popular in these environments. The inhabitants can arrange their appartment as they like it."

campus Den Brandt

You can download the full aritcle, published in Cebeo News.
in French: "Un ancien campus devient un centre de services moderne"
or Dutch: "Oude campus wordt modern servicecentrum."